09:05 Insulation scheme audits

Audits of work done under the government's home insulation scheme have shown some serious problems, including fire risks.

Mike Underhill, chief executive of EECA, the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority; Grant Dunford, founder of Negawatt - a company specialising in insulation installation; and Pieter Burghout, BRANZ chief executive and chair of Construction Industry Council

09:30 Alien life

Dirk Schulze Makuch, astrobiologist at Washington Statue University, who has made an educated guess about how aliens from faraway worlds might look.

09:45 USA correspondent Jack Hitt

10:05 Trouble with Telecom

Paul Reynolds, Telecom Chief Executive on what's been a troublesome start to the year for our biggest publicly-listed company.

10:30 Book Review with Anne Buchanan

The Man from Beijing by Henning Mankell
Published by Harvill Secker, $39.99

10:45 Reading: The Year of the Shanghai Shark by Mo Zhi Hong (Part 7 of 10, RNZ)

In the Chinese city of Dalian Hai Long and his mates drink Coca-Cola , eat American fast food and go to English language lessons. But this year Hai Long leaves school to learn the unlikely trade of his uncle - a successful, learned man.

11:05 Business and Economic commentator Rod Oram discusses

11:30 Fringe Festival

David Geary, NZ playwright. David Geary has written about Mark Twain's visit to New Zealand in 1895 - he tells us how Twain incurred the wrath of the English with his outspoken views on race relations.

Mark Twain & Me in Māoriland is being performed at the NZ Festival of the Arts

11:45 Media commentator Denis Welch looks at a fellow media commentators thoughts on the NZ Flag campaign