09:05 Leaky homes health costs

Phillippa Howden-Chapman, public health researcher from the Wellington School of Medicine (Otago University) and co-author of the book Do Damp and Mould Matter? Health Impacts of Leaky Homes; Miranda Patrick, a leaky home owner, who moved out of her million-dollar Wellington house in 2007 on medical advice.

09:20 Innovation in the public sector

Christian Bason, Mindlab Innovation Director.

Mindlab, owned by the Danish government, develops new public policy and services using processes qualitative data collection and field work, design workshops, concept development, prototyping and evaluation.

09:30 Zoe Lyons

British comedian and actor. She's here for Christmas Comedy Gala.

09:45 Australia correspondent Paul Barclay

10:05 Chopper Read

Notorious Australian celebrity criminal Mark "Chopper" Read.

From mental hospitals to the infamous Pentridge H division - Chopper's life has been filled with violence. He's been convicted of armed robberies, a shooting, assault and kidnapping a judge. Between the ages of 20 and 38, he spent just 13 months outside prison. He has just released a new DVD Fatbelly: Chopper ... Unchopped.

10:30 Book Review with Graham Beattie

Containment by Vanda Symon
Published by Penguin

10:45 Reading:The Merry Maraudersby Arthur J. Rees

(Part 3 of 9 )

An adaptation of Arthur J Rees' rollicking and fun 1913 novel of an ill fated touring acting troupe as they toured the North Island in the early 20th century.

11:05 Music review with Marty Duda

Today's feature artist: Fleetwood Mac

1. The Green Manalishi (4:36) - Fleetwood Mac taken from 1970 single (Reprise)

2. Hypnotized (4:48) - Fleetwood Mac taken from 1973 album "Mystery To Me" (Reprise)

3. Go Your Own Way (3:38) - Fleetwood Mac taken from 1977 album "Rumours" (Reprise)

4. Little Lies (3:38) - Fleetwood Mac taken from 1987 album "Tango In The Night" (WEA)

11:30 Legal commentator Ursula Cheer

Tweeting from courtrooms and a newspaper's publishing of a confidential preliminary report into a maritime incident.

11:45 Art commentator Courtney Johnston

The difference between viewing art online and in the flesh.

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