09:05 Civil Defence

The government releases a review into New Zealand's civil defence response to last month's Samoa earthquake and tsunami. The Civil Defence Minister, John Carter ordered the review because he says New Zealand's response to the tsunami was "not good enough".

09:20 Dame Fiona Kidman

Dame Fiona has been bestowed two significant honours by France; Chevalier des L'Order Des Artes des Lettres - (Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters) as well as the country's highest honour, the French Legion of Honour.

09:30 Young and the Restless

Eric Braeden plays the charactor Victor Newman from the Young and the Restless. The Young and the Restless finishes screenng in NZ on Friday 6 November 2009 ... after 34 years.

09:45 Pacific correspondent Mike Field

10:05 Barry Humphries

The Australian comedian and satirist and author of Handling Edna, an unauthorized, scandalous biography written by the man who really does know her best. Handling Edna is published by Hachette.

10:25 Book review with Phil Smith

And Another Thing by Eoin Colfer
Published by Michael Joseph

10:45 The Reading: Little Secrets - a short story by David Lyndon Brown.

A mother finds out her son has been leading a secret life.

11:05 New Music with Sean McKenna

Artist: Gin
Album: Holy Smoke
Track: Hey Ho
Video: Under My Skin

Artist: Tim Buckley
Album: Live at the Folklore Centre, NYC - March 6, 1967
Track: Troubadour
Video: Morning Glory

Artist: Various
Album: Warp 20 (Chosen)
Track: Boards of Canada - Roygbiv
Video: Warp 20 Paris - Plaid

11:30 Sports commentator Richard Boock

The All Blacks in Tokyo; Andre Agassi's drug confession; and is Daniel Vettori the most powerful man New Zealand cricket's ever seen?

11:45 The Week That Was with Radar and Pinky Agnew