09:05 The Ministry of Education says its support for the arts, science and PE in primary schools will cease next year.

Terry Crooks, Professor of Education at Otago University and co-director of the National Education Monitoring Project

09:20 Meth Lab Homes

Dawn Turner, founder of a website that tells you about the health impacts of living in a property that's been used as a methamphetamene lab.

09:30 Naturism in NZ

Glenne Findon, communications officer for NZ Naturists Federation explains how they will celebrate Go Natural week

09:45 UK correspondent Katie Adie

10:05 Rick Bryant - NZ blues man

Amid something of a renaissance of blues/soul music NZ (e.g Hollie Smith, OpenSouls et al) here's a guy who's been at the forefront for 30 years, and is still going strong. He's primarily a singer who also plays the jug, the washboard and the saxophone. He's a founding member of the Windy City Strugglers (even though he's from Auckland) and The Jive Bombers, and his collaborations also include BLERTA.

10:45 Reading: The Dream Life of Elephants by Vaughan Slinn, Sara Allen and Leo Gene Peters

(Part 4 of 4)

A mysterious and quirky look at the routine of urban loneliness through the eyes of Julian and Yvonne, two strangers who nearly meet.

11:05 Book Review with Dan Slevin

Generation A by Douglas Coupland
Published by William Heinemann

11:10 New Technology with Nat Torkington

iPhone competition, two new ebook readers, and fake security software.

Verizon's Droid and the Android Army
E-Book Fans are Enthusiastic Readers
The Spring Alex
Barnes and Noble's e-book Reader
Fake Security Software

11:30 Parenting

Psychologist and parenting expert Nigel discusses anxious kids

11:45 Television review with Simon Wilson

How Top Gear copes in the age of climate change.