09:05 Discovery of 2-year-old Aisling Symes' body

Waitakere City Mayor, Bob Harvey and acting director of Waitakere City services Tony Miguel.

09:25 ACC sex abuse counselling

Peter Jansen, ACC's senior medical advisor; and Dr Kim McGregor, Director of Auckland-based Rape Prevention Education, who wrote the first set of ACC therapy guidelines for therapists working with survivors of child sexual abuse.

09:45 US correspondent Luiza Savage

10:05 Wensley Clarkson - British tabloid journalist

Former UK tabloid journo who has dished the dirt on Fleet Street tactics on "getting the story" in his recently published book Dog Eat Dog: Confessions of a tabloid journalist.

10:30 Book Review with Graham Beattie

The Complaints by Ian Rankin
Published by Orion

10:45 Reading: Footprints In The Sand written and read by Sarah Boddy

The story of Beth who is seriously heart broken and Pete a paparazzi photographer who has no heart at all. (Part 2 of 5, RNZ)

11:05 Business and economic commentator Rod Oram

Bank taxes and the IRD case against the banks; and a very clever new bond from Canterbury University.

11:30 Tidal Power

Could tidal energy provide some sort of magic bullet to New Zealand's future energy needs, or does the idea throw up just as serious environmental concerns?

Chris Bathurst, Head of Neptune Power which has resource consent to place a large turbine on the sea floor of the Cook Strait; Anthony Hopkins, Director of Crest Energy which has applied for RMA consent to construct a marine turbine power generation project in the Kaipara Harbour in Northland, for a period of 35 years; and Kevin Hackwell, Forest and Bird Advocacy Manager.

11:45 Media commentator Denis Welch discusses the latest media issues