09:05 Wellington New World Supermarkets scrap shopping bag charges after complaints from customers

Tony McNeil, Foodstuffs Wellington managing director; Sue Coutts, spokesperson for the group Get Real which is pushing for an end to the use of plastic shopping bags; and Paul Curtis, executive director of the Packaging Council.

09:25 Are NZ cities falling short on urban design?

Geoffrey London, Victorian Government architect; and Richard Harris, president of the NZ Institute of Architects

09:45 Stephen Venables - world famous mountain climber

Stephen Venables was the first British climber to scale everest without oxygen - which he did in 1988. He was forced to spend a night alone, and exposed near the summit before he could descend and succumbed to frostbite, losing some of his toes.

He has also made the first ascents of of other Himalayan peaks from Afghanistan to Tibet - as well as climbing in the Rockies, the Andes, the Antarctic island South Georgia, East Africa, South Africa and the European Alps.

His books on mountain climbing, include Painted Mountains and Himalayan Alpine Style.

09:45 US correspondent Jack Hitt

10:05 Clara Salaman

British actor and writer whose latest book draws heavily from her own childhood in a mysterious religious organisation.

10:30 Book Review with Sonja de Freiz

Remarkable Creatures by Tracy Chevalier
Published by HarperCollins

10:45 Reading: Landings by Jenny Pattrick

(Part 12 of 15)

A tale of the early 20th-century Whanganui River community.

11:05 Business and Economic commentator Rod Oram

11:30 Volunteer Tourism

Diana Judge and Lorna Grey.

Diana Judge was a high-flying Shell Oil executive who retired at 37 and now organises expeditions to Mexico to build houses in the slums. She founded Breakfree Expeditions - a company which arranges the trips to Mexico.

Lorna Gray has been on two expeditions to Mexico - taking her daughter with her and other teenagers. Says it gives kids a different perspective on the world and is a great experience for them.

11:45 Media commentator Denis Welch discusses the latest media issues

The blogosphere and whether news websites should be charging for entry as Rupert Murdoch recommends.