09:05 Same-sex couple adoption

Judge Von Dadelszen, acting principal family court judge; and Marian, permanent guardian with two sons.

09:20 John Barlow double murder case - Privy Council bid turned down

Angela Barlow, wife of convicted double murderer John Barlow, whose Privy Council bid recently was turned down.

09:45 UK correspondent Michael White

10:05 Film acting coach Miranda Harcourt

Miranda Harcourt is one of NZ's most accomplished and recognisable actors of stage and screen, who has more recently carved out a esteemed career as an acting teacher, and now coach of child actors. She talks about coaching actors to achieve extraordinary and memorable performances.

10:30 Book Review with Paul Diamond

The Prophet and the Policeman: The Story of Rua Kenana and John Cullen by Mark Derby
Published by Craig Potton Publishing

10:45 Reading. Landings by Jenny Pattrick (Part 4 of 15)

A tale of the early 20th-century Whanganui River community.

11:05 New Technology with Colin Jackson

Why aeroplanes aren't getting any faster.

11:30 Hunting Adventures - True tales of a Kiwi Hunter

Greig Caigou, has over 35 years hunting experience, is a teacher of outdoor education, and is currently a consultant to Outward Bound.

Hunting Adventures - True Tales of a Kiwi Hunter
Published by Harper Collins

11:45 Television review with Simon Wilson

Simon discusses TV1's Sunday night shows - Marcus Lush's new series South; and the Dean Parker drama Life's A Riot.