09:05 Nine hour surgery for victim of horrific dog attack

Sven Christensen, husband of Margit Christenson, a 36-year-old woman who was attacked by a pack of eight pig dogs; and Dr Katerina Anesti, Plastic Surgeon from Waikato Hospital who operated on Margit Christensen.

09:20 Sustainability and justice

Jakob von Uexkull is a high profile proponent of sustainability, justice and peace thorugh his work as a writer, policy-maker and philatelist.

He is the founder of the World Future Council; he also established the Right Livelihood Awards - the alternative Nobel Prize; and is a former member of the European Parliament.

09:45 US correspondent Jack Hitt

10:05 Catherine von Bredow; co-author of In the Blink of an Eye

In 2000, Catherine von Bredow's 42-year old-husband, Hasso, had a massive stroke - leaving him paralysed, mute but alert. Eventually he regained a tiny amount of movement in his thumb, enabling him to painstakingly select letters from a screen and ulitmately write a memoir.

Catherine von Bredow has now published that work, interwoven with her own memories of their family's ordeal. She speaks to Kathryn about the journey.

10:30 Book Review with Louise O'Brien

How To Paint a Dead Man by Sarah Hall
Published by Faber & Faber

10:45 Reading: The Madonna In The Suitcase by Huberta Hellendoorn

(Part 2 of 5)

A story of the challenges and rewards a Dutch New Zealand family experience in caring for a daughter with Down Syndrome.

11:05 Business and economic commentator

Rod Oram discusses three recent corporate stories and how the recession has strained their respective business strategies.

11:30 Mark Hadlow

Veteran stage actor and director Mark Hadlow tells us why he stepped off the boards after 30 years to become an events manager.

11:45 Media commentator

Denis Welch discusses the latest media issues including sports coverage.