09:05 Afghanistan and the SAS

Hew Strachan, Professor of the History of War at Oxford in Britain, currently at Victoria University as the Sir Howard Kippenberger Chair in Strategic Studies.

09:20 Nanoparticles

Dr Simon Brown, Associate Professor of Physics, University of Canterbury. Dr Brown is part of the Nanostructure Engineering Science and Technology (NEST) Group at the University of Canterbury, which is engaged in research into the fabrication and properties of a variety of nanometre-scale structures. His main research interest is in developing nano-electronic devices, such as chemical sensors and transistors, from particles called 'atomic clusters'.

09:40 Guest US correspondent Richard Wolffe

Richard Wolfee was the man handpicked by Barack Obama to tell the story of his rise to the presidency.

Renegade - The Making of Barack Obama by Richard Wolffe
Published by Random House UK/Virgin NZ

10:00 Gillian Lynne

Acclaimed British choreographer who is still working at 83 years, she choreographed CATS and she has her own production company Lean Two Productions.

10:30 Book Review with Paul Diamond

The Uses and Abuses of History by Margaret MacMillan
Published by Profile Books

10:45 Reading. The Orphan Gunner by Sara Knox

(Part 7 of 10)

An unconventional romance set in bomber command in Lincolnshire during WWII.

11:05 Business and economic commentator Rod Oram

Rod discusses the latest developments in the superannuation debate.

11:30 US actor Patti Lupone

US Tony Award winning actress, who has guest-starred in top television series such as Will and Grace and Ugly Betty and is once again the toast of Broadway, winning the 2008 Tony Award for her portrayal of Rose in Gypsy. She is about to appear on stage in New Zealand with fellow actor Mandy Patinkin in An Evening with Patti LuPone and Mandy Patinkin.

11:45 Media commentator Denis Welch with the latest media issues

Denis Welch looks at how Consumer Magazine is doing since it hit the newsstands.