09:05 Michael Jackson memorial service

Ted Bowman, grief educator who teaches a class about Grief and Loss at the University of St. Thomas in St Paul, Minnesota; and Pamela Rutledge, US-based Media psychologist.

09:15 Michael Jackson Funeral - his life and death

Lee Thomas, Black US TV reporter with Vitillgo, Fox anchor and entertainment reporter since 1991 and author of Turning White: A Memoir of Change.

09:20 Labour productivity

Why are NZ levels are so low compared to other countries and what we should be doing about it other than just talking?

Monique Dawson, Deputy Secretary, Work Directions at Department of Labour, an expert on labour productivity.

Labour Market Information.

09:30 Buying Twitter Followers

Leon Hill, CEO of USocial - Australian social media marketing company that is offering service where you can buy Twitter followers to get your message out. Believed to be first service of this kind in the world.

09:45 Australia correspondent Paul Barclay

10:05 Kiwi candidate for NASA's astronaut training programme

Karen Willcox, Associate Professor Aeronautics and Autronautics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA. She consults to NASA and Boeing and runs research projects.

Karen is on a year long sabbatical at Auckland University from her research role at MIT.

10:30 Book Review with Harry Broad

Comrade Jim by Jim Riordan
Published by Fourth Estate

10:45 Reading. The 10PM Question by Kate De Goldi

(Part 3 of 10)

Only his Ma takes 12-year-old Frankie Parsons's worrying questions seriously. But she is the cause of the most worrying question of all - the one Frankie can't ask.

11:05 Music Review with Marty Duda

Today's feature artist: The Pretenders

1. Mystery Achievement (4:45) - The Pretenders taken from 1980 album "Pretenders" (Sire)

2. Back On The Chain Gang (3:44) - The Pretenders taken from 1984 album "Learning To Crawl" (Sire)

3. Night In My Veins (3:15) - The Pretenders taken from 1994 album

"Last Of The Independents" (Sire)

4. Break Up The Concrete (2:41) - The Pretenders taken from 2009

album "Break Up The Concrete (Rhino)

11:30 Legal commentator Ursula Cheer discusses bloggers and privacy laws

11:45 Film Review with Graeme Tuckett

Graeme reviews the latest movies releases.