09:05 Problems with NCEA internal assessment results

Problems found with a quarter of NCEA internal assessments last year. Critics say a whole generation of children have been dealt wrong results.

Bali Haque, Deputy Chief Executive of NZQA; and John Morris, Principal of Auckland Grammar School.

Earthrace boat09:20 Earthrace

Pete Bethune is joining the Sea Shepherd anti-whaling protest in the Southern Ocean.

09:30 Fish Stocks

Charles Clover, campaigning environmental author and journalist - his book The End of the Line has been the basis for a new documentary about collapsing fish stocks.

You Tube trailer for the film.

09:45 Europe correspondent Seamus Kearney

10:05 Dr Brian Mason, New Zealand geologist and geochemist

10:30 Book Review with Laura Kroetsch

The Strategy of Antelopes by Jean Hatzfeld.
Published by Serpent's Tail

10:45 Reading: Heartland by Neil Cross

(Part 6 of 10, RNZ)

A memoir about life with a step father in a backstreet Edinburgh slum.

11:05 Politics with Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre

11:30 Guest chef Ray McVinnie, food writer, chef, consultant; and wine commentator John Hawkesby

Steamed Leeks with Boiled Egg, Anchovy and Caper Dressing and Braised Lamb Shanks with Potatoes, Silverbeet and Preserved Lemon

11:45 Urban Design with Tommy Honey

Today Tommy looks at the architects' dilemma of the shipping container prison cells - how do they ensure they're not too comfortable?

Prototype at Rimutaka Prison article.

Prototype at Rimutaka Prison, video.

NZ housing from containers, Habode.

NZ housing from containers, port-a-bach.

Austrian housing from containers, System 3.

Film set in container prison, Space Rage (1985).