09:05 Swine flu pandemic - Professor John Oxford

Cases double over weekend in NZ as focus remains on containment which authorities admit will only work for so long.

09:20 Intelligence in modern warfare and policing

Mark Lowenthal - head of US Intelligence and Security Academy in NZ to speak to NZ Police conference.

09:30 Marilynna Burton

Whangaparaoa grandmother bringing British men to meet divorced and widowed Kiwi women for companionship.

09:45 Middle East Correspondent - Professor Paul Rogers

Professor of Peace Studies at Bradford University

10:05 Jeffrey Masson

American author, animal lover and psycoanalyst discusses why we all must become vegans. He has written best selling books on veganism and the emotions animals experience. He returned to Auckland to live after leaving NZ to live in the States only a few months ago.

10:30 Book Review

Relief by Anna Taylor
Published by Victoria University Press
ISBN 9780864735874

10:45 Reading: Sanctuary, part one

The Day the Soldiers Came by Elspeth Sandys

At age 11 and with her sister of 13 Doris Niyonsaba fled a bloodbath in Burundi in 1993 when rebel soldiers entered her school.

The first of five refugee stories penned by Elspeth Sandys in which new New Zealanders tell how they left their countries of birth and made their way to Aotearoa.

11:05 Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre

11:30 Guest chef Lauraine Jacobs and wine with John Hawkesby

Long slow cooking ... perfect for the Winter Solstice Bouef Bourguignon and Coq au Riesling.

11:45 Tommy Honey

Social Innovation camp, an initiative of the New Zealand Centre for Social Innovation.

The centre brings together public, private and community partners to create new solutions to New Zealand's most pressing social needs.