09:05 OCR announcement

Patrick O'Meara, RNZ's business editor; and Gray Eatwell, founder of the Bank Customers Action Collective.

09:20 Calls for revamp of the immigration service

Richard Small, Wellington immigration lawyer; and Colin Amery, Auckland immigration lawyer.

09:30 Stuff White People Like

Christian Lauder, founder of the hit satirical blog, 'Stuff White People Like' a hilarious (and acutely embarrassing!) read. A list of things adored by middle-class, well educated, left-leaning white people - such as Bob Marley, Gifted Children, Hummus, Having Gay Friends, Musical Comedy, Public Radio, Religions Their Parents Don't Belong To, Shopping at Farmers Markets, Appearing To Enjoy Classical Music... the list goes on. It's been a huge success, going from concept to best-selling book in just 6 months, with a sitcom in the making too.

The idea originated when he and his friend Myles Valentin were talking over IM about the TV show The Wire. Myles said he didn't trust any white people who did not watch the show. Somehow they ended up talking about what they were doing instead of watching it and they came up with answers like "yoga," "plays," "getting divorced," and "therapy." Christian thought it was a funny idea for a blog and signed up for one at wordpress.com and just started writing.

"White people," he wrote, "like having their dreams come true when they least expected it."

09:45 UK correspondent Matthew Parris

10:05 Robert Meeropol - Child of executed spies, now head Rosenberg Fund for Children

Robert Meeropol's parents were executed in the US for being Soviet spies (selling the secrets of the atom bomb) when Robert was aged 6. He is now a children's rights activist and the executive director of the Rosenberg Fund for Children .. for children of activists.

10:30 Book Review with Graham Beattie

I Love You, Miss Huddleston by Philip Gulley
Published by HarperCollins
ISBN 9780060736590

Visit Graham Beattie's Book Blog.

10:45 Reading. 'Head In The Clouds' - A Hartley Manners Story by Matthew O'Sullivan (Part 4 of 5)

11:05 OCR announcement

Sam Knowles, CEO, Kiwibank.

11:10 New Technology with Colin Jackson

Today Colin looks at whether newspapers are really on the way out.

11:20 Silent Treatment

Anne LeClaire refrains from talking for two days a month - is silence golden?

11:45 Television review with Simon Wilson

Simon discusses citizen television - with C4 screening the best films from the 48 hour film competition.