09:05 SAFE has just named the pig farm exposed pigs jammed into small crates and will invite the Agriculture minister to visit other intensive pig farms

Hans Kriek, director of SAFE - Save Animals From Exploitation; Sue Kedgley, Green Party MP; Sam McIvor, Pork Industry Board CEO.

09:20 Early childhood education - why is NZ failing in many crucial areas?

Rae Julian, from Save the Children; Dr Sarah Farquahar, of the Early Childhood Council, which represents the childcare industry; and Dr Kimberley Powell, Pesident of the Infant Mental Health Association.

09:45 US correspondent Richard Adams

Washington editor of The Guardian

10:05 Max Gimblett

New York based artist who's been at the forefront of New Zealand painting for over two decades.

Max Gimblett's work encompasses a range of styles, from abstract expressionism to Japanese calligraphy - he discusses life in the States, and his passion for eastern art.

View images of Max Gimblett's work in the Nine to Noon gallery.

10:25 Book Review with Michele A'Court

The Fraud by Barbara Ewing
Published by Little, Brown.
ISBN 978 184 744 2024

10:45 Reading: On An Island With Consequences Dire by Kelly-Ana Morey

Episode 2 of 10

On a summer island, one bloody fit of jealousy and rage changes the lives of three teenage schoolgirl friends forever

11:05 Business with Rod Oram, Business and Economic commentator

11:30Dr Suess and Homer's Odyssey

Brian Boyd, Distinguished Professor of English at the University of Auckland, is the author of a new book on Dr Suess and Homer's Odyssey and the evolutionary connection between them.

11:45 Media with Denis Welch

Dennis looks at this week's media issues including pigs, Christine Rankin, Melissa Lee and some of the recent media awards.