09:05 Economic deterioration

Brian Easton, economist and commentator; John Pask, Business New Zealand economist

09:20 Volunteering

Tim Burns, executive director of Volunteering NZ; Te Arikirangi Mamaku, a 27-year-old volunteer; and Maureen Pitman, president of the Federation of Family Budgeting Services.

09:30 Bellbird song

New research has discovered how the females are very aggressive to neighbouring females.

Associate Professor Dianne Brunton is the director of the Ecology and Conservation Group at Massey University.

09:45 UK correspondent Jon Dennis

10:05 Billy Apple

New Zealand conceptual artist who counts Andy Warhol and Jasper Johns as contemporaries ... Billy Apple was at the forefront of the development of pop art movement, and whose work from an intensive period in New York in the late sixties and early seventies is the subject of an exhibition in Wellington right now. He talks to Kathryn about life since returning home.

10:30 Book Review with David Hill

Our Own Kind: 100 New Zealand Poems About Animals edited by Siobhan Harvey
Published by Godwit
ISBN 9781869621605

10:45 Reading: Polecats Nothing by Allyson Caseley

A young boy identifies with an old soldier and marches with him to the ANZAC memorial in their small town.

11:05 New Technology with Colin Jackson

Today's topic - the energy costs of computers and the internet, plus Bohemian Rhapsody as you've never heard it before.

11:30 Parenting with Nigel Latta

Psychologist Nigel Latta who'll be telling us how NOT to raise a spoiled brat.

11:45 Televison review with Linda Burgess

Linda has been glued to Dancing with the Stars - she gives her assessment and whether she believes Tamati Coffey deserved to win.