09:05 Main banks raising mortgage rates

The main banks putting up rates on long-term (i.e. 3+ years) fixed mortgages.

Bernard Hickey, managing editor of interest rates monitoring website, www.interest.co.nz.

09:20 How brains of addicts work

Dr Jeff Dalley, New Zealand addiction specialist who is a lecturer and researcher at Cambridge University in the UK.

09:30 Study reveals teens who live within close vicinity of liquor outlets more likely to binge drink

Roland Sturm, lead researcher of the study from California's Pardee RAND Graduate School.

09:45 US correspondent Kevin Baker, NY author and columnist

10:05 Martin Pollock, blind explorer

Mark Pollock lost his sight 11 years ago - he shares his story of being the first blind person to reach the South Pole, racing in minus 50 degree conditions.

10:30 Book Review wtih Ralph McAllister

Dirty Money by Richard Stark
Published by Quercus
ISBN 9781847247735

10:45 Reading. How To Catch A Cricket Match by Harry Ricketts

Episode 7 of 10

An entertaining exploration of that great game.

11:05 Business with Rod Oram, Business and Economic commentator

11:30 Wanaka pilot who uses a wheelchair

Barry Cardno was starting out on a dream career as a pilot when his life was turned upside down by a devastating accident which left him paralysed. He speaks of the frustration at having to make a new life, the dramas of rehabilitation, his success as a competitive mono-skier, and then eventually becoming licensed to fly solo again.

Cardno shares his story of how a wheelchair - and endless amounts of red tape - haven't stopped him following his dream of flying. Now he wants to share that freedom and sheer joy with others. He has written a book called Let Fly!, which is released this month by Longacre Press.


11:45 Media commentator Denis Welch