09:05 Government to shake up rental laws

Helen Gatonyi or Lisa Coulter, Tenancy Protection Association; and Andrew King, Auckland Property Investors Association; Phil Heatley, Minister of Housing.

09:20 Fate of children in Gaza

Douglas Higgins, deputy special representative UNICEF OPT, Jerusalem.

09:45 UK Correspondent Matthew Parris

10:05 Tusiata Aria

Samoan New Zealand poet and actress, Tusiata Avia speaks to Kathryn about her new book, Bloodclot, becoming a mother at age 40, and bridging the gap between her two cultures.

10:30 Book Review with David Hill

The Beginner's Guide to Living by Lia Hills
Published by Text Publishing
ISBN 978 1 92152 007 5

10:45 Reading.The Kindness Of Strangers by Shonagh Koea

Episode 9 of 10

A series of moving vignettes in which writer Shonagh Koea recalls her past, looking back on a range of roles including daughter, wife, mother, journalist and novelist, with a few favourite recipes along the way.

11:05 New Technology with Colin Jackson

11:30 Clothes swaps

Inga Boyd, organiser of The Big Shwop in Wellington - a public clothes swap event where people take in good quality used clothes they no longer want, and are able to swap them; and Emma Williams, who organises regular clothes swaps, or "Swish" parties at her own home, friends and colleagues bring clothes they no longer wear, or fit, and swap them.

11:45 Television Review with Simon Wilson