09:05 Respiratory illness

Respiratory illness - which includes asthma, lung cancer, sleep disorders and pneumonia - is the most common condition for which people go to their doctor, and is becoming one of the leading causes of death in this country.

A new study published today in the New Zealand Medical Journal suggests that half of our DHBs cannot meet minimum standards of care.

Jane Patterson, executive director of the Asthma Foundation.

09:20 Cheap airfares

Air New Zealand is offering seats for just ten dollars between New Zealand destinations. The airline is likely to spark an online buying frenzy by selling two thousand seats in batches throughout the day, and a further two thousand tomorrow.

It's the latest air travel bargain that consumers have benefited from lately, coming hot on the heels of a transtasman stand-off that's seen flights dip below $300. Air New Zealand says it's all about making sure flights are at full capacity - so are sales like this a sign that some routes are struggling and might be at risk longer term? And if the airline can afford to offer such low prices, are travellers being charged too much the rest of the time?

Sue Chetwin, chief executive of Consumer New Zealand.

09:30 Couch Surfing - the new way to see the world on a budget - the couch surfing phenomenon

Brian Thacker, couch surfer, and author of Sleeping Around - a couch surfing tour of the globe.


09:45 Pacific correspondent Mike Field

10:05 20th Century culture

James Boyle, Professor of Law at Duke Law School, in Durham North Carolina, and described as the Godfather of the Free Culture movement, says most of 20th century culture is legally unavailable to us because of our current copyright, patent and trademark laws, and reckons even the World Wide Web would have been smothered if today's laws had been around at its inception.

He is the author of The Public Domain: Enclosing the Commons of the Mind. His book is also freely available under creative commons license on the internet, downloadable as a PDF file: www.publicdomain.org.

10:30 Children's Book Review with John McIntyre

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer
Published by Atom ISBN 9781905654413

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer
Published by Atom ISBN 9781905654352

Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer
Published by Atom ISBN 9781905654369

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer
Published by Atom ISBN 9781905654291

I Am Not Esther by Fleur Beale
Published by Longacre ISBN 9781877135484

10:45 Reading. The Kindness Of Strangers by Shonagh Koea

Episode 5 of 10

A series of moving vignettes in which writer Shonagh Koea recalls her past, looking back on a range of roles including daughter, wife, mother, journalist and novelist, with a few favourite recipes along the way.

11:05 Music Review with Manu Taylor

The SurfAid compilation

SurfAid - The Music - 2008 Loop Recordings Aot(ear)roa - LP049

11:30 Sport with Richard Becht

11:45 Week That Was with Radar and Petra Bagust