09:05 School behaviour regimes

Schools are getting tough on behaviour regimes. Some are now holding back students who don't meet certain behaviour criteria, even if they're passing academically. Does this risk squeezing the life out of the mavericks?

Larry Ching, Principal of Waimea College; Ivan Snook, Emeritus Professor of Education at Massey University; and Geoff Marsland, who operates Havana Coffee works, he left school after being suspended in the third form.

09:20 Tourism future looking bleak

George Hickton, Tourism New Zealand's Chief Executive Officer; and Te Taru White, Chief Eecutive Officer of the Maori culture and geothermal wonderland, Te Puia, Te Taru White (Rotorua).

09:30 Novice rugby commentator

Helen Brabazon, former Newstalk ZB host had to call a live rugby match .. when the commentators didn't show up - we chat to her about what is she doing now almost 10 years on.

09:45 Middle East correspondent Irris Makler

10:05 Big Year interview series

Sir Jon Trimmer, Ballet Dancer, who has just finished a national tour as the lead in Don Quixote - at the tender age of 69.

10:30 Book Review with Kate Blackhurst

The Luminous Life of Lilly Aphrodite by Beatrice Colin
Published by John Murray
ISBN 9780719524028

10:45 Reading. The Christmas Fairy, a short story by Kristine Pearson

11:05 Politics with Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre

11:30 Guest Chef Raymond Capaldi and wine with John Hawkesby

Raymond Capaldi is one of 21 chefs featuring at next year's Langham
Melbourne MasterClass (21 and 22 March, 2009) as part of Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.

11:45 Tommy Honey, sophist and provocateur