09:05 Japanese climbers stranded on Aoraki Mt Cook

The search and rescue operation for two Japanese climbers stranded on Aoraki Mt Cook has ended this morning, with one of the climbers rescued, and the other found dead.

Richard McNamara, Area Manager of Aoraki Mt Cook National Park at the Department of Conservation; and Mark Inglis, Veteran mountaineer who had both lower legs amputated after becoming trapped up Aoraki Mt Cook for 13 days in 1982 - in nearly the same spot as the two Japanese climbers - look at the conditions the climbers would they have faced up the mountain.

09:20 "Think Big" scientific theories raised as "fixes" for global warming

Professor John Shepherd, head of Royal Society inquiry into planet-wide geoengineering.

Once the staple of science fiction, the idea of "terra-forming" alien worlds to produce a "perfect" earth-type planet are gaining new and serious consideration as means of combating global warming. The Royal Society has launched an inquiry into how realistic they are.

09:30 How fast can humans run?

Mark Denny, Biology professor at Stanford University, California.

Running records have been regularly broken over the last century, but how much faster can men and women run? Mark Denny has used historical records dating to the 19th century to track the progress of speed in humans, horses and dogs. He finds horses and dogs aren't getting any faster - but humans still have room to improve.

09:45 Pacific correspondent Walter Zweifel, RNZ International journalist

10:05 Elizabeth Jane Howard

Elizabeth Jane Howard is the author of twelve highly acclaimed novels including The Cazalet Chronicles. However she grew up desperately unsure of herself, of her worth and of her intelligence and at just 19, she married Peter Scott, son of Captain Scott of the Antarctic.

She went on to marry twice more, most famously and tempestuously to Kingsley Amis. Her circle of friends and lovers included some of the most fascinating writers and thinkers of the day. She tells why she finally decided to write her autobiography at the age of 79.

Elizabeth Jane Howard, Slipstream, Pan; ISBN: 0333903498

10:30 Children's Book Review with John McIntyre

The Guide by Mike Loder/Terry Williams
Published by Hodder Moa
ISBN 978-1-86971-129-0

A Really Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson
Published by Doubleday
ISBN 978-0-385-6140-8

Car Science by Richard Hammond
Published by Dorling Kindersley
ISBN 978-1-40533-200-2

10:45 Book Reading: The Blue by Mary McCallum

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11:05 Music Review with Manu Taylor

Barry Saunders - Zodiac - 2008 Barry Saunders & Mana Music MCJ08001

The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra - A Little Bit Wonderful EP - 2008 self released

Brett Dennen - Hope For The Hopeless - 2008 Downtown Music/Inertia DWT005

11:30 Sports commentator Richard Becht

11:45 Week That Was with Radar and Michele A'Court