09:05 National Party Tax Policy

Bill English, Deputy leader of the National party.

09:20 Impact of Tax cuts on Kiwisaver

Andrew Little, National Secretary EPMU, and Mary Holm, financial advisor.

09:45 UK Correspondent Michael White

10:05 Mark Richards

World renowned cardiologist and heart researcher.

10:35 Book Review with Dan Slevin

Coming of Age: 30 Years of NZ Film by Duncan Petrie and Duncan Stuart Published by Random House NZ
ISBN 9781869790196

10:45 Reading: How To Listen To Pop Music

Written and read by Nick Bollinger (Episode 9 of 10 )

11:05 New Technology with Colin Jackson

Today's topic: iPhones and Internet Rumours.

iPhone is top smartphone in the US

Steve Jobs is not dead. Not even a little bit.

Record industry suing the wrong people.

A meeting with Ministers about cutting off your Internet

11:30 Literacy in Schools

Alison Halkyard, a teacher at Whangaparoa College, north of Auckland, a 30-year veteran currently completing a post-grad diploma in literacy fulltime; Tom Nicholson, Professor at Massey University in Auckland, Professor of Literacy Education; and Pat Newman, Principal of Hora Hora primary school in Whangarei and the President of the Tai Tokerau Principals Association, which represents more than 160 schools in Northland and Far North.

11:45 Television Review with Simon Wilson

TV reviewer Simon Wilson looks at the week's TV offerings.