Nine to Noon on Wednesday 20 August 2008

9:05 Resignation of Pakistan's president Pervez Musharraf - what happens now?

Ali Ahsan, US based lawyer, and the son of Aitzaz Ahsan, the President of the Supreme Court Bar Association in Pakistan - who was the first person jailed when Musharraf declared a state of emergency on 3 November 2007.

9:20 Nick Willis' medal winning run

We take another look at Nick Willis' medal winning run overnight. One of New Zealand's greatests ever Olympians, Peter Snell says he is ecstactic at Willis' performance - he speaks to Kathryn this morning.

9:30 Number sense

Professor Bob Reeve from the Dept of Psychology at the University of Melbourne discusses his international study which looked at indigenous children from two remote aboriginal communities in Australia - where the local languages do not have many words for numbers.

The results indicate that we are born with a number sense, even before we know or have words for the numerals, or have learned how to count.

9:45 Australia Corresondent Ray Moynihan

10:05 Does a hardline approach to imprisonment make for a safer community?

Joe Arpaio, Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona (aka "America's toughest sheriff"). Joe Arpaio is a law-and-order hardliner who nevertheless seems to get spectacular results through his harsh treatment of prisoners. But do the results justify the serious denials of civil rights that he's accused of? Check out the "tent jail" at

10:30 Book Review:Tall Tales Some True by Greg McGee

Reviewed by Rae McGregor
Published by Penguin NZ
ISBN 9780143009139

10:45 Book Reading: Wrestling with God by Lloyd Geering

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11:05 Artist Of The Week with Marty Duda

This week's artist is Randy Newman

Tracks featured:

Sail Away
From the 1972 album Sail Away

Political Science
From the 1972 album Sail Away

Dixie Flyer
From the 1988 album Land Of Dreams

A Few Words In Defense Of Our Country
From the 2008 album Harps And Angels

From the 2008 album Harps And Angels

11:30 Legal commentator Catriona MacLennan

11:45 Television review with critic Simon Wilson