Nine to Noon for Thursday 24 July 2008

09:05 Reserve Bank review of interest rates

Nadine Chalmers-Ross, Radio New Zealand Buisness reporter crosses live from the Reserve Bank, where governor Alan Bollard has reviewed interest rates.

09:20 Reserve Bank review of interest rates

Bernard Hickey, managing editor of the interest rate monitor,; Murray Cleland, President of the Real Estate Institute of NZ; and Brendan O'Donovon, Westpac Bank Chief Economist

09:30 Maori lullabye PhD research

Amster Reedy is the Maori advisor charged with priming our Olympic athletes for Herculean feats. He talks about why the public rage over the death of the Kahui twins prompted his PhD study into an ancient tradition of ori-ori - or Maori lullabies.

09:45 UK correspondent Kate Adie

10:05 Re-writing of the pre-history of Britain

Francis Pryor, British archaeologist and author, is at the cutting edge of a radical new re-writing of the pre-history of Britain and the origin of its peoples. Rather than being populated by successive waves of invaders from the Continent, he argues that the fundamental ethnic make-up of the British - and 80% of NZers claim British or Irish descent - has hardly altered in thousands of years.

10:35 Book Review with Harry Ricketts

Moonlight: Poems About Death and Dying by Andrew Johnston (editor). Published by Random House NZ Godwit
ISBN 978 186 962 1476

10:45 Reading. The Mesmerist written and read by Barbara Ewing.

Published by Sphere. ISBN 978-1847-440228. (Part 4 of 15)

11:05 Maori Issues with Haami Piripi

11:30 Myanmar aid

Joseph Rood, Auckland based paediatric cardiology nurse at Starship Hospital. Joseph was working for a small NGO teaching young village children in English - it was about 10 kilometres from the border with the most devastated region, the Irrawaddy Delta, when the cylcone struck. He then set about doing what he could do to help.

11:45 New Technology with Colin Jackson

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