Nine to Noon for Monday 21 July 2008

09:05 Donations

$100,000 donation from ex-pat billionaire, Owen Glenn, towards the cost of Winston Peters 2005 electoral petition against National MP Bob Clarkson.
Rodney Hide, ACT Leader; and Winston Peters, New Zealand First Leader.
Mr Peters says his lawyer never told him where the $100-thousand donation came from, and that many people contributed towards the fund, including himself.
ACT leader Rodney Hide has confirmed to us this morning that he is drawing up a complaint to the Speaker of Parliament, on the grounds that Mr Peters did not declare the donation towards his legal bills as a gift in the MPs' register of pecuniary interest.

09:20 Petrol Prices

Increasing petrol prices are reducing the number of cars on the road - should transport planners start taking this into account?
Cameron Pitches, convenor of the lobby group Campaign for Better Transport; Tim Reddish, from the NZ Taxi Federation; and Roly Frost, Transit General Manager for Network Operations.

09:30 Misery in the US housing market

Aaron Krowne started website implode-o-meter

09:45 Middle East correspondent Irris Makler

10:05 Exploring Undersea Active Volcanoes

Cornel de Ronde, undersea volcanoligist, GNS scientist and explorer conducting world leading research into active volcanoes on the sea floor around New Zealand.

10:40 Book Review with Jane Westaway

Attachment by Isabel Fonseca
Published by Chatto and Windus
ISBN 978 070 118 3028

10:45 Reading

11:05 Politics

Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre.

11:30 Guest Chef

Catherine Bell, Editorial Director of Dish Magazine with wine reviewer Stephen Morris.

11:45 A Modest Proposal or Two from David Slack