Nine to Noon on Wednesday 25 June 2008

9:05 Corruption in the Japanese whaling industry

Sara Holden, head of Greenpeace's International Whales Campaign

9:15 International Whaling Commission

Steve Chadwick, Conservation Minister, who is attending the International Whaling Commission meeting in Santiago, Chile

9:20 The Sistine Secrets

Roy Doliner and Rabbi Benjamin Blech, co-authors of The Sistene Secrets, Unlocking the Codes in Michelangelo's Defiant Masterpiece

9:45 Australia correspondent Ray Moynihan

10:05 NZ Defence Force in Kosovo

Interview with Wing Commander Dave Green who recently finished his role as New Zealand military liaison officer in Kosovo - the world's newest state.

10:30 Book Review: The Household Guide to Dying by Debra Adelaide

Reviewed by Paul Diamond
Published by Picador, ISBN 978 0330 424 257

10:45 Book reading: Shanghai Sheba: The China Monologues

By Sheba Williams

11:05 Marty Duda's Artist of the Week

Today's feature artist is Carly Simon

Tracks featured:

That's The Way I've Always Heard It Should Be
from the 1971 album Carly Simon

You're So Vain
from the 1972 album No Secrets

Not A Day Goes By
from the 1981 album Torch
(Warner Bros.)

from the 2008 album This Kind Of Love

11:30 Law commentator Catriona MacLennan

11:45 Television review with Simon Wilson