Nine to Noon on Tuesday 3 June 2008

9:05 Shipton parole hearing 'confession'

Interview with Brad Shipton's rape victim

9:30 Politics with Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre

9:45 USA correspondent Richard Adams

Richard is Washington editor of The Guardian

10:05 The Science and Politics of Fear

Dan Gardner, author of Risk:The Science of Politics and Fear

10:30 Book Review: A Well Written Body by Karlo Mila

With paintings by Delicia Sampero
Reviewed by Jane Myhill
Published by Huia Publishers, ISBN 978 1 86969 321 3

10:45 Book Reading: Yours Faithfully by David Hill

The first of 2 short stories

11:05 Business with Rod Oram

11:30 Guest Chef Connie Clarkson,

Former restaurateur, food and travel writer and ardent foodie, with Japanese Pumpkin and Peking Braised Lamb
See Connie Clarkson's cheap and cheerful ideas to beat the price war, below.

11:40 Wine with Don Higgins

11:45 Media commentator Denis Welch

Connie Clarkson's Cheap and Cheerful ideas to beat the price war

  • 1. Use left overs - bubble and squeak
  • 2. Use cheap cuts - may take a longer time to cook
  • 3. Use seasonal ingredients
  • 4. Cook and freeze
  • 5. Shop with a list, don't impulse buy
  • 6. Don't go shopping when you are hungry
  • 7. Shop once a week
  • 8. Plan your meals
  • 9. Shop alone - no kids
  • 10. Don't shop on an empty stomach
  • 11. Make your shopping trip as quick and efficient as possible
  • 12. Buy the marked-down meat and freezer
  • 13. Use coupons to the max, pool them with friends or ask them to save what they don't use for you
  • 14. Avoid convenience foods - grate it yourself
  • 15. Use store brands. They are almost always cheaper
  • 16. Buy in bulk, buy on sale
  • 17. When buying fresh produce, buy only enough so you avoid waste
  • 18. Unearth that slow cooker - it's winter anyway.

Bubble and squeak (sometimes just called bubble) is a traditional English dish made with the shallow-fried leftover vegetables from a roast dinner. The chief ingredients are potato and cabbage, but carrots, peas, brussel sprouts and other vegetables can be added. It is traditionally served with cold meat from the Sunday roast, and pickles. Traditionally the meat was added to the bubble and squeak itself, although nowadays the vegetarian version is more common. The cold chopped vegetables (and cold chopped meat if used) are fried in a pan together with mashed potato until the mixture is well-cooked and brown on the sides.