Nine to Noon for 22 May 2008

09:05 High Prices for Dairy Foods

Wyatt Creech, Chair Kaimai Cheese, Open Country Cheese; and Frank Brenmuhl, Federated Farmers spokesperson on Dairy issues

09:20 Lack of Allergy Services in NZ

Debra Hunter, whose son Daniel has severe food allergies which went undiagnosed for over a year and she struggles to get access to specialist care; and Penny Jorgensen, Chief Executive of Allergy New Zealand

09:45 UK Correspondent Michael White

10:05 American Defector to North Korea

Charles Robert Jenkins, the American soldier who defected to North Korea and lived as a captive there for 40 years, where he met his Japanese wife - who'd been abducted by the North Koreans. They're now free and living in Japan.

10:40 Book Review with Kirsten Johnstone

Girls Like Us by Sheila Weller
Published by Ebury Press

10:45 Reading: The Light At The End Of The Street by Shirley Ayers

11:05 Maori Issues with Maria Bargh

11:30 NZ Post Children's and Young Adults Book Awards

Melanie Drewery, Winner - Picture Book

11:45 New Technology with Colin Jackson