Nine to Noon for Monday 12 May 2008

09:05 Food Doesn't Match Labelling Claims

Jenny Reid, Assistant Director of Joint Standards for the Food Safety Authority on research which shows that 58 percent of food doesn't match the claims on its labels.

09:20 Will Hillary Clinton Stand Aside?

Neil Oxman, President of The Campaign Group, election consultants to the Democratic Party.

09:30 Koala Burials

Zenith Virago, Australian local authority sets up cemetary in koala sanctuary so that Aussies can rest in peace the natural way.

09:45 Africa Correspondent: Peter Greste

10:05 Los Angeles Film Festival

Rich Raddon is the director of The Los Angeles Film Festival. Held annually for ten days in June, it showcases the best of American and International independent cinema. With an expected attendance of over 100,000, the festival screens over 175 narrative features, documentaries, shorts, and music videos. Now in its fourteenth year, the festival has grown into a world-class event, uniting new filmmakers with critics, scholars, film masters, and the movie-loving public.

10:30 Book Review with David Hill

Twenty Chickens for a Saddle by Robyn Scott
Published by Bloomsbury
ISBN 978 074 759 6004

10:45 Reading: The Man with No Arms

A series taken from Glenn Busch's book The Man with No Arms and Other Stories. Read by Steve Roome, part one of two.

11:05 Politics

Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre discuss the week.

11:30 Guest Chef Catherine Bell

Catherine Bell is co-publisher and editorial director of Dish Magazine which she launched in 2004.
Until 2006 she was the owner of Auckland's Epicurean Workshop - a specialist cookware store, cooking school and espresso bar, for seventeen years. She is the author of two cookbooks.
In 2006 Dish was named Supreme Magazine of the Year by the Magazine Publishers Association. In 2007 Dish was awarded Magazine of the Year, Home and Food and Catherine herself was awarded Editor of the Year, Home and Food.
Catherine's philosophy about food and cooking is a simple one - use fresh seasonal ingredients to prepare fresh, simple dishes. She is passionate about regional produce and would like to think that everyone can regularly enjoy home cooked food around a table with others.

11:40 Wine with John Hawkesby

11:45 A Modest Proposal or Two with David Slack