Nine to Noon for Thursday 8 May 2008

09:05 Myanmar Aid Situation

John Nyaga, Spokesperson for UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

09:20 Anti-Violence Programme for Christchurch

Superintendent Dave Cliff, Canterbury Police District Commander

09:30 Geoengineering/Climate change

Ken Caldeira, expert on geoengineering and climate change at Carnegie Institution for Science at Stanford University who says geo-engineering is the only way to slow global warming.

09:45 UK correspondent Jon Dennis

10:05 Ghaith Abdul Ahad - Iraqi journalist

Ghaith Abdul Ahad deserted Saddam Hussein's Iraqi army, and lived underground in Baghdad for six years to avoid detection. He is now working as a feature writer for the Guardian newspaper in the UK. He has been twice shortlisted for Foreign Correspondent of the Year at the British Press Awards and once by Amnesty International for his work. He is currently based in Lebanon and works from all over the Middle East.

10:30 Book Review with Rae McGregor

Faberge's Eggs by Tony Faber
Published by Macmillan
ISBN 978 140 505 3884

10:45 Reading: Dances With Marmots by George G. Spearing

Read by Jason Whyte Episode 9 of 10

11:05 Maori Issues commentator Malcolm Mulholland

11:30 Christine Vachon - NY based independant film producer

Founder and president of her own company, Killer Films, and she's written a book detailing the secrets of how to make it as an independent film maker... her 2006 book A Killer Life: How an Independant Film Producer Survives Deals and Disasters in Hollywood is a follow up to her independent producing handbook, Shooting to Kill, with a behind-the-scenes memoir of the battle between creativity and commerce.

11:45 New Technology with Colin Jackson