On Nine to Noon Today

9:05 Tibet

Yongten, Christchurch resident whose cousin is a Tibetan monk arrested by the Chinese forces

9:20 Leaky buildings in schools

Paul Burke, Ministry of Education National Property Manager

9:30 The US economy - how much worse can it get?

Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel prize winning former World Bank chief economist on the ongoing turmoil in US financial markets and the potential impact of today's decision by the Federal Reserve

9:45 Australia correspondent Paul Barclay

10:05 Political Future

Mark Gosche, MP and former Cabinet minister considering his political future

10:30 Book Review: The Bill From My Father by Bernard Cooper

(Picador, ISBN 9780330447409)
Reviewed by Rae McGregor

10:45 Reading: Colour Scheme by Ngaio Marsh

Abridged and told by Peter Vere-Jones
(Part 12 of 13)

11:05Music review with Marty Duda- Daniel Lanois

Jolie Louise - Daniel Lanois, from the 1989 album Acadie (Opal)

Sleeping In The Devil's Bed - Daniel Lanois, from the 1993 album For The Beauty Of Wynona (Warner Bros.)

Falling At Your Feet - Daniel Lanois & Bono, from the 2003 album Shine (Anti-)

Sacred And Secular - Daniel Lanois, from the 2008 album Here Is What Is (Red Floor)

11:30 Law with Ursula Cheer

Difficulties the media face in accessing court files

11:45 TV review with Simon Wilson