On Nine to Noon Today

9:05 Prestwick Airport
John Watson, Programme Director - Scotland Amnesty International; and Jamie Hepburn, member of Scottish Parliament

9:30 Winner of 'Bald Archy'
James Brennan, just won 'Bald Archy' prize for satirical portrait of Danish Crown Prince and Princess

9:45 Asia correspondent Phil O'Sullivan

Trillion Dollar War
Joseph Stiglitz, Columbia Professor and Nobel Prize-winning economist, former Chief Economist of the World Bank and author of 'Three Trillion Dollar War' about the cost of the US involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan

10:30 Children's Book Review with John McIntyre
'Dreamhunter' by Elizabeth Knox
(Fourth Estate ISBN 0-7322-8193-8)

'Dreamquake' by Elizabeth Knox
(Fourth Estate ISBN 0-7322-8194-6)

'Pony Club Secrets - Mystic And the Midnight Ride' by Stacy Gregg
(Harper Collins ISBN 978-0-00-724519-2)

'Pony Club Secrets - Blaze and The Dark Rider' by Stacy Gregg
(Harper Collins ISBN 978-0-00-724517-8)

'Pony Club Secrets - Destiny and the Wild Horses' by Stacy Gregg
(Harper Collins ISBN 978-0-00-724518-5)

10:45 Book Reading: 'Colour Scheme' by Ngaio Marsh
Abridged and told by Peter Vere-Jones
(Part 9 of 13)

11:05 Music Review with Manu Taylor
Goldfrapp - 'Seventh Tree' (Mute Records)
Track 2, Little Bird

Gary Louris - 'Vagabonds' (Rykodisc)
Track 6, Black Grass

The Dynamics - 'Version Excursions' (Groove Attack)
Track 10, Whole Lotta Love

11:30 Sports commentator Richard Becht

11:45 Week That Was with Radar and Pinky Agnew