On Nine to Noon Today

9:05 Boy racers in Christchurch
Superintendant Dave Cliff, Canterbury District Police Commander; and Bob Parker, Mayor of Christchurch

9:20 Bodysnatching
Cordelia Thomas, senior legal advisor for the bioethics council who has recenty completed a PHD on the collection, retention and use of human body parts

9:45 Europe correspondent Seamus Kearney

10:15 Feature Interview - Linda Grant, author of 'The Clothes on Their Backs'
(Little, Brown, ISBN 978 1844 085415)

10:45 Book Reading: 'Colour Scheme' by Ngaio Marsh
Abridged and told by Peter Vere-Jones
(Part 5 of 13)

11:05 Book Review with Louise O'Brien - 'Dreamers of the Day' by Mary Doria Russell
(Doubleday, ISBN 978 0385614542)

11:10 Politics with Laila Harre and Matthew Hooten

11:30 Guest Chef Catherine Bell, Editorial Director - Dish Magazine, with Cataplana of Mussels and Prawns

11:40 Wine with John Hawkesby

11:45 Tommy Honey, Sophist and Provocateur