On Nine to Noon Today

9:05 Science funding
Jeff Tallon, author of open letter to Science Minister by 460 scientists; Richard Blaikie, Canterbury University Professor of Engineering

9:20 Fuel saving flight trials
Lew Jenkins, Manager, Airways NZ

9:30 Book omitted from NZ Post Children's Book Awards
Elizabeth Knox's book 'Dreamquake' was not submitted for premiere book awards after her publisher accidentally left it out. Interview with Elizabeth Knox, and Lorain Day, Harper Collins Publishing Manager

9:45 US correspondent Richard Adams, Washington editor of The Guardian

10:05 Will to Live
Dr Hugh Montgomery, UK intensive care specialist on why some people die and others don't.

10:30 Book Review with Laura Ferguson - 'The Clothes on Their Backs' by Linda Grant
(Little, Brown ISBN 978 1844 085415)

10:45 Book reading: 'Colour Scheme' by Ngaio Marsh
Abridged and told by Peter Vere-Jones
(Part 1 of 13)

11:05 Business with Rod Oram

11:30 Scotland's first live liver donor transplant
Dan Foster, Kiwi husband who received part of his Scottish wife's liver in
Scotland's first live liver donor transplant; and Jen Foster, liver donor.

11:45 Media commentator Phil Wallington