On Nine To Noon Today

09:05 Use of Methyl Bromide on Wellington wharves

Steffan Browning, Soil and Health Assn; John Whiting, Secretary of the Wellington Waterfront Brach of the Maritime Union; Alan Perry, a spokesman for the fumigation company Genera (one of at least three companies using methyl bromide at Wellington's port); and David Jackson, Nelson City Council

09:30 Beatles beamed across the universe

Veronica McGregor, NASA has beamed Beatles song into deep space to mark 50th anniversary

09:45 UK Correspondent Matthew Parris

10:05 Childrens Literacy

Wayne Mills, education lecturer with a special interest in boys literacy, recently won Margaret Mahy medal, and creator of KidsLit quiz which is throughout NZ now and in three overseas countries

10:30 Book Review with Hamish Keith

Diamonds, Gold and War - The Making of South Africa by Martin Meredith Published by Simon and Schuster
ISBN 978 074 328 6145

10:45 Reading: Popularity

A short story by Sue Wootton. Read by Janet Fisher

11:05 Maori Issues with Paul Diamond

11:30 Weta Researcher

Warren Chin, a conservancy invertebrate entomologist, Head of Department of Conservation's research team

11:45 New Technology with Colin Jackson