On Nine to Noon Today

9:05 Voluntary euthanasia
A Wellington woman who committed suicide using Dr Nitschke's advice who was not terminally ill.
Dr Philip Nitschke, known as 'Dr Death', promoter of assisted suicide and voluntary euthanasia; and Grant Gillet, Professor of Biomedical Ethics at University of Otago

9:45 Arctic expedition
Grant Redvers, a New Zealand environmental scientist who has spent the last two Christmases in pitch black and isolation near the North Pole on his ship, the Tara.

10:05 Middle East correspondent Irris Makler

10:15 Ray Avery
Medical scientific entrepreneur Ray Avery is in the running for Saatchi and Saatchi Innovation Award for world changing ideas.
Medicine Mondiale is a call to action for those concerned about the plight of the world's underprivileged majority.

10:30 Book Review with Paul Diamond - '3 Para' by Patrick Bishop
(4th Estate, ISBN 978 000 725 7799)

10:45 Book reading: 'Just Who Does he think He Is?'
Written & read by George Webby
(Part 9 of 10)

11:05 Politics with Laila Harre and Matthew Hooten

Guest Chef Lauraine Jacobs

Wine with John Hawkesby

11:45 A Modest Proposal or Two ... with David Slack