On Nine to Noon Today

9:05 Vitamin D deficiency

Professor Hector DeLuca, Chair of the Department of Biochemistry at Wisconsin University and Dr Chris Atkinson, Medical Director of the New Zealand Cancer Society.

9:20 Helen Clark speech

Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre analyse the Prime Minister's state of the nation speech and compare it with John Key's speech.

9:45 Career Change - Lindsay Helson

From a toxicologist, enbalmer/funeral director, drug counsellor, financial advisor, volunteered with victims of crime. He is now a prison officer

10:05 Australian Correspondent Paul Barclay

10:15 Feature Interview

Lisa Chappell, actor. She left Sydney to return to New Zealand, and is starring in the latest play from Auckland theatre Company - Noel Coward's Design For Living.

10:35 Book Review with Gail Pittaway

Floodtide by Judy Nunn
Published by Random House Australia
ISBN 978 174 1666 854

10:45 Book Reading: Just Who Does he Think He Is?

Written & read by George Webby. (Part six of 10)

11:05 Music with Marty Duda

Artist of the week is Damien Rice

11:30 Legal commentator Robert Lithgow

11:45 Film Review with Dan Slevrn