7:07 Sonic Tonic
A musical trip through and around an idea. Tonight we explore "The Man".

7:50 Witness
Kia Ora - We return to May 1984 when an Auckland telephone operator became famous for promoting her Maori language. Dina Newman spoke to Naida Glavish about her one-woman protest to raise awareness of indigenous rights in the country.

Tashi and Nungshi Malik At_Mt_McKinley_Summit

8:12 Nights' Sport - Twin Peaks Photo: Wikipedia

9:07 Country Life 
We meet Anthea Yule, who, following a marriage break up, is farming what was initially her in-laws farm, on her own account .. with a lot of help from her four children.

10:17 Late Edition
A round up of today's RNZ News and feature interviews as well as Date Line Pacific from RNZ International

11:07 The Friday Finale
For NZ Music Month, Music101 invited guests to compile a C60 of local sounds, and talk us through their selections. This week David Benge, the man behind Vice New Zealand, Drunken Piano Touring and Speak and Spell Group. As well as performing in bands like D Super, David has also managed the likes of Fur Patrol, Cut Off Your Hands and Aldous Harding.

Music played in this show

Sonic Tonic playlist - "The Man"


ARTIST          Boys Don't Cry
SONG            I Wanna Be a Cowboy

ARTIST          Elvis Presley
SONG            Guitar Man

ARTIST          Miles Davis
SONG            Blue Is Green

ARTIST          Steely Dan
SONG            Kid Charlemagne

ARTIST          Sister Sledge
SONG            He's the Greatest Dancer

ARTIST          Michael Jackson
SONG            Man In The Mirror

ARTIST          Frank Sinatra
SONG            The Single Man

ARTIST          Johnny Cash
SONG            The Man Comes Around