21 Jun 2014

Beach Pigs

From RNZ Music, 3:25 pm on 21 June 2014

On their debut album, the four young men in Beach Pigs sing about grom warfare, getting shazzered, and night surfing.  Working with Bob Frisbee, the quartet have produced one of the most inviting local full-lengths of the year, a freewheeling set of songs that find them as comfortable in their own sound as they are with their own unique slang.

Joe Nunweek speaks to bandmembers Dahnu Graham, Dan Kerr and Billy Robertson about the occasionally fraught route getting there, including the West Coast gig that nearly broke them, and the six-night marathon filming session for their fantastic new music video.


Artist: Beach Pigs
Song: Daydreamer, Big Peach, Paid In Cash, Night Surfing
Composer: Beach Pigs
Album: Grom Warfare
Label: self-released