7 Jun 2014

The Sampler: The Roots

From RNZ Music, 3:15 pm on 7 June 2014

The Roots And Then You Shoot Your Cousin

Nick Bollinger reviews ...And Then You Shoot Your Cousin - the latest album from one of the most versatile house bands in late night television.


Artist: The Roots
Song: The Unravelling
Composer: DeVaughn/Trotter/Angry
Song: Theme From The Middle Of The Night
Composer: Bassman/Chayesky
Song: Never
Composer: Trottere/Spearman/Anthony/Salazar/Guzman/Newman
Song: When The People Cheer
Composer: Ward/Spearman/Trotter
Song: The Devil
Composer: Williams/Moore
Song: Understand
Composer: Jenkins/Trotter/Spearman/Simpson/Bradsher
Song: Dies Irae
Composer: Chion
Song: The Coming
Composer: Simmons/Jackson/Nichols/Spearman
Song: Tomorrow
Composer: DeVaughn/Angry
Album: … and Then You Shoot Your Cousin
Label: Def Jam/Universal