7 Jun 2014

York St Studios closure

From RNZ Music, 3:05 pm on 7 June 2014

In the 90s York Street was the premier recording studio in country, founded and built by Killing Joke's Jaz Coleman, and engineers Malcom Welsford and Martin Williams.

York St was famed for an enormous main room, coupled to one of the finest Neve mixing consoles on the planet. Last weekend it shut for good- Adrien De Croy, who bought York St in 2000, and studio manager Jeremy McPike decided it was time to cash up the valuable asset that takes up a lot of space in an affluent central Auckland waterside suburb.

In 2006 a young, wide-eyed engineer named Simon Gooding began an unpaid internship at York Street dropping a valuable German microphone on his first day. Nick Atkinson spoke with Simon Gooding in Auckland.