1 Jun 2013

Pacific Music Awards 2013

From RNZ Music, 2:30 pm on 1 June 2013

Pacific Music Awards ceremony by James Ensing Trussell Topic Images

Performers at the 2013 Pacific Music Awards ceremony by James Ensing-Trussell Topic Images.

We talk with performers and winners at the ninth annual Pacific Music Awards.

Though it's wintry outside the finest lava lavas and leis could be seen amongst the r'n'b, reggae and hip hop artists gathered at the Pacific Music Awards in Manukau City.

Iva Lamkum, Swiss and Aaradhna lead the nominees on this proud night for Polynesian music.

Nick Atkinson was there as the distinguished guests began to file in.

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Aaradhna stage shot pacific music awards

Aaradhna Patel bags six at the PMAs! Photo by Jason Hailes.