20 Apr 2013

Taite Music Prize 2013

From RNZ Music, 2:15 pm on 20 April 2013

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Sean Donnelly
Sean Donnelly. Photo: Deborah Smith.

Elastic Wasteland by SJD album cover2013 Taite Music Prize recipient Sean Donnelly describes his win:

“It’s a strange feeling, like jumping off a cliff and having winged angles lift you up!”

Sean’s sixth album as SJD, Elastic Wasteland, won the coveted trophy that includes a $10,000.00 cheque, though what Sean will do with a years supply of Redbull is anyone’s guess.

Join Nick Atkinson as he sifts the glamorous and talented guest-list for insight and opinion leavened with live performances of brand new songs from Julia Deans and Street Chant.