13 Oct 2006

Thrashing Marlin

From RNZ Music, 11:00 am on 13 October 2006

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David Donaldson and Steve Roche have been part of the eclectic Wellington music scene for over twenty years, and have been at the heart of the free-jazz and noise scene. They're busy people- their day job is writing music for tv and radio, and last year they put out the excellent album 'Lullabies From Around The World'. In their downtime, they're part of Wellington band The Labcoats, they're putting on a Kurt Weill show, and they record bands such as the Windy City Strugglers in their studio. Somehow, they've found time to revive another of their projects - Thrashing Marlin. Without fanfare or fuss, comes their third effort - Wit's End. Music Mix reporter Kirsten Johnstone visited Steve and David at Plan 9 studios - a concrete church in Wellingtons CBD - that has become something of a musical mecca.