25 Oct 2021

The Logg Cabin Soul Hour: 25 October, 2021

From RNZ Music, 8:00 pm on 25 October 2021
Mark Williams aka Slave

Mark Williams aka Slave Photo: Steve Dykes

In this special Logg Cabin Soul Hour, Mark Williams (aka MC Slave) presents 60 minutes of the sweetest soul music from Aotearoa and beyond.

This audio is not downloadable due to copyright restrictions.

  • The Mixtape - Slave AKA Mark Williams
  • Mark Williams hosts The Loggcabin Show on George FM every Sunday 12 - 2pm. He is a broadcaster, DJ and MC with hit Kiwi band Fat Freddy's Drop. At 17, Williams began his music career in the pioneering rap duo MC OJ & Rhythm Slave (with Otis Frizzell).

    Music Played:

    Kool & The Gang              
    Soul Vibration                                            
    Music is the Message                    

    Al Brown                             
    Love & Happiness                                             
    Here I am Baby                             

    Ria Hall                                
    Kono Toru                                         

    Christoph El Turneto      
    Cloudy Subtropical                                         
    Cloudy Subtropical                    


    Kody Nielson                     
    Honeybees’s Birthday                                
    Birthday Suite Vol.II                       

    Hollie Smith                       
    Tell Me                                                                   
    Coming in from the Dark               

    DJ Numark                         
    Ain’t No Fun                                                    

    Meridian Brothers          
    Bomba Atomica                                          
    Club Coco                                            

    Platinum Pie Pipers        
    50 Ways                                                               
    Triple P                                                

    The Emotions                   
    Blind Alley                                                     

    Big Daddy Kane                
    Ain’t No Half Steppin                               
    Long Live the Kane       

    Fat Freddy’s Drop