17 Jun 2021

Māori thrash-metal band Alien Weaponry announce new album and share single/video ‘Tangaroa’.

From RNZ Music, 3:48 pm on 17 June 2021

Waipū's Alien Weaponry has announced their new album Tangaroa will be released on 17th September. 

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It’s the band's first album release since 2018’s, which won them the 2019 Auckland Live Best Independent Debut Award.

The new single/video ‘Tangaroa’ (god of the sea) intends to tackle issues like climate change and illegal fishing practices, and raise awareness of and support the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Directed by Alex Hargreaves, the video was filmed almost entirely underwater.

"‘Tangaroa’ is a heavy and angry message about how we are destroying the ocean with pollution and overfishing. The video ties in with this message, with us drowning in plastic conveying the struggle of ocean life.

The album is tied together with the message of ‘Tangaroa’ - the whole album is more a snapshot of the band’s brains during the writing process. We have also written songs that are about some of our first tūpuna (ancestors) who were here in Āotearoa (New Zealand). Hatupatu, who is very famous in Māori history, as well as Īhenga, who named a number of places in Āotearoa during his travels." - Henry de Jong 

Check out the new video below