15 Oct 2020

WATCH: Kathy Bates Motel 'Cool Your Heels'

From RNZ Music, 3:29 pm on 15 October 2020

Auckland band Kathy Bates Motel has done things a bit backward. They’ve never played a show, but they’ve recorded a full album. The band includes some of Aotearoa’s top musical talent, including Supergroove bassist Joe Lonie, Pluto’s Milan Borich, Jolyon Mulholland (Mulholland), and Morgan Albrecht (Cindy). RNZ Music is stoked to present their second single and video ‘Cool Your Heels’.

A seductive pop song about attraction, ‘Cool Your Heels’ is the band’s second single. It captures the brief moment when two people “click” before fate, self-doubt, narcissism, and psychological baggage intervene. 

“Lyrically, ‘Cool Your Heels’ is about spells cast and broken; sparks flying and landing nowhere; falling in love and then ultimately just falling”. Joe Says 

A talented director of TV and music videos, Joe produced, directed, and edited the song’s video, which was shot in one day by cinematographer Alex McDonald at The Hollywood Cinema in Auckland’s Avondale.

The vid is an homage to the iconic “dancing feet” title sequence from the classic 1980s movie Footloose. It features over forty sets of feet dancing in every kind of shoe imaginable, intercut with the foot-tapping of the band members as they perform the song and rock out. The band reckons, “Quentin Tarantino would love it.”

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