15 Oct 2020

VIDEO PREMIERE: Yasamin 'Maybe It's America'

From RNZ Music, 9:59 am on 15 October 2020

RNZ Music is stoked to present the new single and video from Iraq born Tauranga-based singer-songwriter Yasamin. ‘Maybe It’s America’ is the third release from her upcoming album Songs Over Baghdad.

Tauranga based singer-songwriter Yasamin’s new single ‘Maybe It’s America’ is a poignant and delicate take on the state of the world and the need for self-reflection. 

“Blaming America for the world’s problems is like blaming your parents for the way you turned out; at some stage, we all need to take responsibility for the state our world is in.” Yasamin says

The accompanying music video is painfully relatable. Taken mostly in one shot, the video shows Yasamin contemplate current events while sadly eating an entire cake. 

“Maybe It’s America’ is Yasamin’s third release from her upcoming album Songs Over Baghdad. Due out November 19th, the album is all about Yasamin’s birthplace, Iraq. 

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Yasamin is also supporting Bic Runga at Baycourt Arena on October 25th. You can buy tickets here.