16 Sep 2020

VIDEO PREMIERE: Indie-pop newcomer Belladonna 'Kiss Me'

From RNZ Music, 9:59 am on 16 September 2020

RNZ Music is proud to present Parachute Music Development alumna Belladonna’s debut music video ‘Kiss Me’.

Belladonna (real name Bella Cook) stumbled upon her talent for songwriting while she was in primary school. A classmate shared an original song, and Bella took it as a challenge to do the same.

Since that fateful day, she’s been honing her craft by adding music to her observations on friends, food, dreams, and “all the other things that keep teenage girls from sleeping”. 

Bella’s knack for turning observations about the quirks of everyday life into loaded one-liners is front and centre in ‘Kiss Me’.

The video, directed by Shyam Patel, is set completely in Bella’s bedroom. It takes styling references from teen films of the early 2000s, intended to reclaim the trope of “over-emotional young women''. 

Belladonna met producer Shannon Fowler (Tom Lark, Shannon Matthew Vanya) while participating in Parachute Music's development programme last year. Together, they have created an EP that expertly pairs Bella’s biographical lyrics with catchy melodies to deliver her unique style of fun indie-pop.

Click here to stream 'Kiss Me'