13 Aug 2020

VIDEO PREMIERE: Love Square 'Mercy Mercy Mercy'

From RNZ Music, 1:00 pm on 13 August 2020

Love Square is the new project from former Supergroove sax player Nick Atkinson, and we’re proud to be the first to share their new track and video ‘Mercy Mercy Mercy’.

Love Square began in 2019 as former Supergroove and Hopetoun Brown member Nick Atkinson’s songwriting and production project. It quickly evolved into a duo with the addition of Finn Scholes from Carnivorous Plant Society, and now with new drummer Karen Hu, who Nick and Finn discovered at a bar in Kingsland, the trio is complete.

The jazz-inflected group’s new track ‘Mercy Mercy Mercy’ is a cover, originally made famous by renowned American alto sax player Julian Adderley. It’s the first release from Love Square’s Live At The Oven EP which is out on August 14th.

Click here to purchase or stream 'Mercy Mercy Mercy'

The EP was recorded by songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Jol Mulholland who’s worked with the likes of Neil Finn, Anika Moa and Lawrence Arabia. The session was filmed by Paul Taylor.