2 Jul 2020

WATCH: Under Cover with Hollie Fullbrook of Tiny Ruins and Sharon Van Etten

From RNZ Music, 12:00 pm on 2 July 2020

Hollie Fullbrook of Tiny Ruins and her friend, American singer-songwriter Sharon Van Etten, caught via video chat to have a yarn and play a couple of gorgeous covers of one another's songs.

  • Sharon Van Etten performs Tiny Ruins’ ‘Night Owl’ from the 2014 album Brightly Painted One
  • Hollie Fullbrook performs Sharon Van Etten’s track ‘Jupiter 4’ from her 2019 album Remind Me Tomorrow

Sharon Van Etten and Hollie Fullbrook found one another through the internet, Myspace to be specific. Over the years their friendship has grown through a mutual love of one another’s music,  the many miles they’ve covered touring America, and multiple catchups and beach visits while Sharon was in New Zealand.

LA-based Sharon is still in lockdown due to Covid-19, while Hollie - based in Auckland - is somewhat back to normal.

In this episode the pair discuss meeting on Myspace; how to talk to a three year old about Covid-19; and the political landscape in the USA including Covid-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Under Cover is a multi-episode web series where two artists enter into conversation with one another from their various locations of isolation. Discussing Covid-19 and how the situation has affected them and their livelihoods; artistic practises and inspiration; their life outside of music; and finding a personal connection with one another in their unexpected new reality. 

The conversation is followed by a musical performance where both artists each do a cover version of their favourite song from the others’ back catalogue.

Under Cover is a multi-episode web series where two musicians talk with one another about their music, their lives, and how Covid-19 has affected them. Each episode includes two musical performances where the musicians cover one another’s songs.

Under Cover is co-presented by The Spinoff and RNZ Music | A Banished Music Production | Thanks to Creative New Zealand